• 0.1.1 is out. News for today: Bundled crypto++ with the client, much improved user status handling for icq, Improved chat, Location of mysql libs and includes are now configurable.
  • It's come to my attention that there is another kit project. This project isnt related to that in any way, other than that we happen to share the same name and both are IM clients that connect to AIM.
  • Got the client compiling under windows again. Everything except ICQ works (it crashes)
  • Well - i guess it's "soon" now. :) Anyway, the registration wizard works.
  • The registration wizard is currently broken. :( I'll fix it soon.
  • Made a new page for KiT. Also finished GNUifying the client (standard ./configure; make ; make install).

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  • CVS Server (currently unavailable)

  • Related Projects

  • Software KiT depends on
  • Crypto++ (client & server)
  • mySQL (server)
  • Welcome to the KiT project
  • Jabber
  • ICQ & AIM
  • NNIM - Another attempt to create a secure instant messenger.
  • Gale - Provides private messaging and public chat
  • kit - Another Qt based IM that happens to share the same name as this project
  • More..

  • Downloads
    no stable version.

    Binaries - win32 binary
    kit-i386-linux-0.1.1.tar.gz - i386-pc-linux binary

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    Problems getting kit to work? Comments? Suggestions? Want to help? Please mail me at

    AIM: AbelssonH
    ICQ: 441330
    KiT: henrik on (i'm usually on my own local debugserver though)

    The layout is blatantly stolen from wayV. All credit to Mike Bennet.
    Content copyright (C) 2001 Henrik Abelsson.