• 0.1.1 is out. News for today: Bundled crypto++ with the client, much improved user status handling for icq, Improved chat, Location of mysql libs and includes are now configurable.
  • It's come to my attention that there is another kit project. This project isnt related to that in any way, other than that we happen to share the same name and both are IM clients that connect to AIM.
  • Got the client compiling under windows again. Everything except ICQ works (it crashes)
  • Well - i guess it's "soon" now. :) Anyway, the registration wizard works.
  • The registration wizard is currently broken. :( I'll fix it soon.
  • Made a new page for KiT. Also finished GNUifying the client (standard ./configure; make ; make install).

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  • Crypto++ (client & server)
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  • Welcome to the KiT project
    NEWS FLASH:The KiT has project has been merged with NNIM. We felt it was in our best interests to cooperate, as this would allow us to get done quicker. The two projects complements each other nicely.

    The combined project will be called kim (innovative name, eh?). Once kim is ready for release, it'll be announced both here and on the NNIM page. In the meantime, the projects CVS respository is on sourceforge.

    News in kim over kit 0.1.1 will be:

  • MSN Protocol support
  • Yahoo! Pager protocol.
  • Peer to peer protocol.
  • Possibly jabber support (if we get around to do it :)
  • Much improved client interface.
  • Improved security.
  • Portable code.
  • UI and backend cleanly separated.
  • Improved portability
  • Command line client.
  • Taskbar docking.
  • libkim - implementations of the kit/server, nnim/peer, icq 2000b, toc, yahoo, msn and jabber protocols with a nice highlevel interface to manage the protocols. Everything you need to write your own IM client without having to worry too much about lowlevel protocol code.

    KiT aims to be a secure IM for multiple platforms. Keep in touch is an attempt to create a secure instant messenger - it supports its own XML based protocol aswell as ICQ and AIM (Adding new protocols i.e. jabber is mostly a question of implementing the protocol itself - the client has a good framework for multiple protocols). The goal of the project is to allow uses to communicate sensitive issues securely without having to worry about their data being intercepted by an attacker. Note that kit isnt that secure *yet*. Please dont depend on it to secure anything important.

    Feedback wanted! KiT is approaching a useable state - suggestions, comments, etc is welcomed! Coding help is also welcomed. Mail me.

    The reason for doing yet another project (actually, it predates most - but it's been laying dormant for quite some time) is that bolted on security as an afterthought rarely creates a secure enough system. It's written entirely using C++ and only depends on code that is GPLed or freeer. The architecture is fairly extensible and it's reasonably easy to add new modules. I decided to resume development after reading an article in my local paper about the EU planning to build a continentwide interception network to monitor all web access and email sent by all citizens in the European Union. We need to have the technical means to defend ourselves from casual monitoring of all our actions.

    Current status is that basic messaging aswell as presence detection for all 3 supported protocols is working, but more advanced features (aswell as implementation of security features) needs to be worked on.

    The server, and client implementation is licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL) version 2 or at your option, any later version. Once the clientside protocol implementation (libkit) is separated from the client (soon!), it will be licensed under the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL).
  • Buddy list - See what friends you have online.
  • Messages - Send a message to someone.
  • Encryption - Make sure no one else reads your message
  • Plugins - Extend the server and client in any way imaginable.
  • AIM/ICQ - Connect to legacy IM networks

  • KiT is only tested under Debian/GNU. The server is tied to the Unix architecture, but should be reasonably easy to port between all unices with a c++ compiler. The KiT server is in an early stage of development, and is evolving quite rapidly. Installing it on a mission critical machine is _not_ recommended, until it has been thoroughly tested. Just a word of warning.

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    no stable version.

    Binaries - win32 binary
    kit-i386-linux-0.1.1.tar.gz - i386-pc-linux binary

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    Problems getting kit to work? Comments? Suggestions? Want to help? Please mail me at

    AIM: AbelssonH
    ICQ: 441330
    KiT: henrik on (i'm usually on my own local debugserver though)

    The layout is blatantly stolen from wayV. All credit to Mike Bennet.
    Content copyright (C) 2001 Henrik Abelsson.