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Henrik Abelsson
Phone: +46 70 292 11 57
Kulgränd 3C
226 49 Lund
Email: henrik 'at' abelsson 'dot' com

I'm 25 years old and I'm currently working for Mitrionics where I develop applications and compilers designed to accelerate supercomputing applications using reconfigurable hardware. I got my master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Linköping University in the fall semester of 2005. In addition to my full time studies, I also worked concurrently as a software developer. Balancing work and studies was a sometimes delicate task, but it has taught me the value of being task-oriented and knowing how to get things done. Quite a bit of my time is spent developing open source applications for the Linux and Windows operating systems. Some non computer related interests are reading, skiing (all kinds of skiing: downhill, cross country and water...), photography as well as enjoying a movie or a game with my friends. I was an exchange student in the US from Aug-98 to July-99; I learned a lot about American culture as well as improved my English language skills. It was a very interesting time for me, to meet a new culture and getting to know new people - something I hope to do more of in the future.

Computer Programming

If you're interested in pretty pictures, here's a couple:

Examples of Programming Projects Past and Present:

  • September 2005-present. Employed at Mitrionics, where I am developing applications and tools for using FPGAs as accelerators for supercomputing applications. Keywords include: FPGAs, parallel processing, algorithm design and performance.
  • September 2003-August 2005. Continued the development of the medical sharing software, but now working directly for MedCom, a Danish company that focuses on health telematics and IT infrastructure in the health care business. Keywords include: XMPP (Jabber), scalable design, rapid customer feedback and design.
  • August 2002-May 2003. Implemented a jabber based file sharing and messaging software for the PICNIC project, at Sectra Imtec. An experimental platform for health care professionals to share documents, for example X-ray images and discuss patient cases.
  • June 2003. Implemented a notification system on Solaris/X11 using raw xlib for the interface. Developed in C. It was developed for Department of Computer and Information Science at Linköping university.
  • Worked at Safetopia, Inc from January-00 to March-01 as a developer implementing and integrating encryption functionality into a collaboration service. Developed in C++.
Non-commercial programs:
  • GNU Messenger - a secure instant messenger with strong encryption and authentication (GPL). We were awarded a $2500 prize for GM by the The Linux/Open Source Foundation (in Swedish) in their Student Contest. 2004 Update: Unfortunately the link now seems defunct.
  • Inventory 0.1 - A Win 32 app written in VB as a contract job for Skanska It keep tracks of material needed for a project, what's available, what you need to get. (Contract job)
  • Korpusbrusaren2 - A search engine implemented in Java and using the Lucene indexing engine.
  • komsearcher - Another search application based on Lucene, this time implemented in python for searching a private conferencing system
  • Bokning - A database driven web based buzzword compliant system for the reservation of "resources" such as computer labs or conference rooms. Was developed for Östra Gymnasieskolan. (Contract job)
  • A lot of other small and big applications (like a file encryption utility using idea, a small Open GL based game or, to mention one of the smaller things: a pop3 mail checker) but not really worthy of a separate mention.


  • 2001-2006: Studying for a master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Linköping University, Sweden.
  • 1999-2001: Finished the science program at Östra.
  • 1998-1999: Exchange year at an American high school in the northwestern parts of USA.
  • 1997-1998: Started my upper secondary education in the Natural Science Program at Östra gymnasiet, Umeå, Sweden.

Programming Interests

Some of my programming interests include the following:

  • Encryption
  • Networking and distributed systems
  • Protocol security
  • Hardware design, FPGAs
  • Embedded and real time systems
  • Linux Programming

Computer Skills

  • Programming Languages
    • Proficient in C
    • C++ Very proficient. I've created, designed and managed fairly large projects in C and C++.
    • Java Proficient. I've written some applications in Java, primarily on the server side (servlets)
    • Python - I have good knowledge of python and have used it primarily for web applications. It's my language of choice for prototyping and quick code.
    • Perl
    • Bourne shell scripting
    • SQL Experience (primarily in C and perl with MySQL)
    • I can usually pick up a new programming language in a few weeks. It's not the language that's important, but the concepts.
  • Operating Systems
    • UNIX
    • GNU/Linux (Most distributions, but I must admit a preference for Debian and derivatives)
    • Windows 95/98/2k/XP
    • My primary platform at home is running Ubuntu and Windows XP
  • Computer Hardware:
    • I've selected the SOCware (System on a chip) profile at my studies at Linköping, so I've taken courses on VHDL, Verilog, FPGA design and Digital integrated circuit design.
    • Upgrade/Repair: I can, of course, install and troubleshoot PC (x86 based architecture) hardware as well as configure it for use using Linux and/or the Windows family of Operating Systems.


  • Studied French for 3 years
  • German 1.5 years
  • English 9 years (including one year as an exchange student living in the US). Fluent.
  • Swedish (native language)

Interests and Pursuits

  • Software development, particularly on GNU/Linux, which I use both at work and at home.
  • Skiing - as mentioned above
  • Math - there is definite beauty and pureness found in few other places in math.
  • Politics and philosopy - I like discussing the issues of today with interested people.
  • Photography - Taking the perfect picture is an endless pursuit of mine
  • Wikipedia - Reading and editing an encyclopedia may sound dull to some, but it gives you endless opportunities to learn more and expand your horizons, which could never be anything but interesting.


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