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Projects, past and present.

I have a few computer related projects listed below. Hopefully I'll have more detailed descriptions and documentation up soon. I've grown more and more interested in implementing things that run in the real world (i.e. hardware) than just pure software. Therefore you'll find some projects that acctually includes hardware. I'll put up more detailed info any year now :)


Project Norrbotten - A small homebuilt microcomputer with an 8-bit cpu with 16 bit address space, 32kb ROM and 16kb RAM. And a serial port. Implemented in VHDL and realized using 4 Xilinx 95xx CPLDs. An example of how to make your own CPU from scratch. An assembler written in python is included.

Project Svartvattnet - An autonomous robot capable of navigating though an office landscape and pick up and deliver small items. Runs on a PC104 board running RTLinux with a custom built ISA card. The navigation software is implemented in python.


GNU Messenger - GM is a secure and open instant messenger. It allows you to contact your friends and send them messages without anyone eavesdropping. More info at the project homepage.

Status: Useable, but buggy

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