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Photography is a recent interest of mine, it basically started when i got a digital camera last christmas. The photos you see scattered around this site are taken all with a Canon D30.

Computer related interests

GNU/Linux as you all know is an operating system for many kinds of computers. This page describes some of the things i use Linux for. I mainly use my computer for programming, so there's a lot more information about that here than anything else.

Lately, i've spent a large amount of time in Windows. I used to have a strong preference for linux only booting into windows when needed. Of course, i used to advocate the usage of gnu/linux to everyone who spoke to me. But lately my preference in operating systems have become a bit more balanced. They all have their strong sides and weak points. Just like everything else..

The world isn't simple enough for there to be easy answers to problems. It's something i'm getting more and more convinced of. If the answer is easy, it's probably oversimplified or just plain wrong. We need to learn to embrace chaos in a "reasonable" way.

Expert C Programming This is a review published on This was my first (and so far only) attempt at bookreviews, and thus isn't very good.

Other books that i like:

  • Beginning Linux programming
  • Programming Perl
  • Applied Cryptography
  • The C Programming language
  • The C++ Programming language
  • The Practice of Programming
  • The pragmatic programmer
  • Writing Compilers and Interpreters using C++

For more book tips, visit the association of c and c++ users websitde at

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