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I'm Henrik Abelsson, currently 25 years old and i live in Sweden (northern europe). I'm studying for a masters degree in computer science and engineering. I'm interested in freedom - both from governments and large businesses who are increasingly trying to control our lives. I do a lot of programming, primarily in the language C, but also a few others.You can download some of my code from the projects page. Other than computer programming, i enjoy skiing, photography, reading books and talking to friends.

If you happen to be interested in what kind of computers i have, here's a list. Some of my photos are available here.

And in the even more unlikely case that you would like to hire someone like me, here's a short CV. Henrik is also a member of intresseklubben.

My personality is described on here (partly in swedish).

» Photography

I recently bought a Canon EOS D30, and a few lenses. It's a much better camera than i'm a photographer, så it'll most likely last me a while. All of the pictures on this site are mine. I'll update this shortly and include picures of my equipment and what i like to take pictures of..

» Programming

I am a avid computer programmer of many years. I have worked with a myriad of programming languages and developed many different types of programs. From humble BASIC beginning on an Atari ST to a fling with DOS to my current stage as a UNIX programmer, i'm constantly refining my coding philosophy. In my early stages, I advocated C a lot - thinking that no other language would be worth knowing, and that I knew all that mattered. I am currently using C, C++, Perl, Java, Python and still even some Pascal.

Some factoids about the things in which I have involved myself in my programming history: My emergence from silly basic programming came when I discovered Turbo Pascal on a 386. Oh so powerful, compared to S.T.O.S on the Atari ST. Many lines of code were written on the pirated copy of Turbo Pascal 5.5. Alas, when i bought a new computer - with Microsofts brand new Windows 95 it killed my interest for programming until i discovered DJGPP, that oh-so-slick and ever-so-free DOS port of gcc. I tinkered with game programming with Allegro for a while. For some reason i never made anything worthwile using DJGPP, but it did lead me into more fruitful paths. The wonders of UNIX programming.

Learning more and more of the tricks of the C programmer trade i wrote all kinds of useful and not so useful snippets of code. Some of it can be found on the projects page. I've since gotten interested in cryptography and network programming leading to my neverending KiT project.

» Henrik about:

Politics - By Swedish standards, I tend to lean right. I agree a lot more with the basic idea of libertarism than socialism
Computers - A way to broaden your mind, to create perfect worlds in your mind.
Pancakes - Oh yeah, baby! Bring it on.
Skiing - A lot of fun - hard to beat.
School - Ugh.

» Contact

email: henrik 'at' abelsson 'dot' com

Phone: +46 70 292 11 57

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